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Daily Sketch: Head Doodles

Today all I have to offer is this pile of heads.  Does this qualify as a sketch?  Or is it more of a doodle?  If I label it a “study” does is suddenly have more worth?  These questions have left me needing a cup of coffee.  Having to change a diaper at 3am (my son’s not mine, I’ve been fully potty trained for more than three years) has also contributed to this current need, masking itself as a want.

I also type pretty fast, so now I have less energy than when I started the above paragraph.

head studies

Daily Sketch: Spring 2012 Fairy

Daily Sketch for March 20 2012 – First Day of Spring

I would have posted this earlier today, but my dog had to have surgery.  Things have been a little busy.

We’ve finally made it through another winter and spring has made me want to attempt another watercolor sketch — with better results this time.  I realized that one set of my cheap watercolors isn’t worth what I paid for it.  Today I used a different brand (Prang) with much better results.

Her hair became boring and nonsensical at the bottom.  Ignore it.


Daily Sketch: spring fairy

“Take a Bath, Hippie!” – Carl (Up)

Last week I went on Twitter to ask for a sketch theme for February.  After turning down “hippos” and “pickles” I settled on Pixar and Dreamworks characters.  I haven’t ever been asked to draw any of those, and you can’t go wrong with Pixar.  (Although no one has ever asked me to draw hippos either.)

Today’s sketch is Carl from Pixar’s Up.   Carl’s design, like the other characters in the film, are perfect examples of basing characters on a shape.  I read that Pixar decided squares represent the past, while circles and curves represent the future.  With Carl and Russell side by side you can see the grouchy, immovable Carl contrasted with the buoyancy of youth.

Below is my ink sketch .  I used a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.  Then I figured I’d see how it would look with a light wash of watercolors.  For you artists out there, the Pentel Brush Pen doesn’t bleed after it’s dried.  Unfortunately, my scanner here makes color scans a bit under-saturated.