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Transformers Sketch: Windblade

I recently did some inks for IDW’s Combiner Wars: Windblade #3 (I’m a little fuzzy on how all the titles are numbered.)

I realized I hadn’t drawn Windblade before so I used her for some marker practice. I’m trying to do a little more subtle blending and focusing more detail on the parts I want the viewer to focus on.

Not sure how successful I was with any of that, but here you go.


NYCC Decepticon Print – Finally done!

DecepticonsI’ve been hacking away at this the last week or so, trying to get it finished in time for NYCC. I’m finally done.

I’m sure I could noodle away at it for another three days, but I’ve got to move on to other stuff.

If you’re at NYCC I’m at table DD6 in Artist Alley.


Charticon 2013 Wreckers Pinup (Pencils)

I’ll be set up at Charticon, NC’s first Transformers fan show, in Charlotte on August 9-11. I was asked to pencil a Wreckers pinup as part of a package for certain attendees (I think that was the deal anyway.) Other than the suggestion that they be fighting Sharkticons and a possible Quintesson in the background, I had free reign to pick whatever Wreckers characters I wanted. I picked Top Spin and Twin Twist.

I remember when those two toys came out with the marketing campaign that they transformed ALL BY THEMSELVES! Which meant you put them in vehicle mode, pulled them back to wind up the spring, let them go and after they went a little ways they would pop up — hopefully landing on their feet. Viola! Transformed!

I still have mine – both sitting on a shelf in my studio. Maybe I’ll see if they still transform……ALL BY THEMSELVES!



Transformers Pages For Sale!

I’ve let the pages pile up on me and need to sell off a few. I’ll be putting some of them on eBay, but some of the splashier ones I’m listing below. If you’re interested please contact me.

TF_RID_0014-18-19Transformers: Robots in Disguise double page spread (pages 4-5) Devastator devastates.  Turmoil, Starscream, Dreadwing, are among those in the back. Pencils by Andrew Griffith, Inks by Brian Shearer




Transformers: Robots in Disguise #15 Double Page Spread (pgs 2-3)

Pencils by Andrew Griffith, Inks by Brian Shearer. Devastator opens up a building to find a group of Autobots.


Transformers: MTMTE #18 Is Out!


I love this cover. I think it’s by Sean Chen. It’s also nice that IDW put the entire creative team on the cover!

Transformers: MTMTE #18 came out last week. I missed announcing it because I had my face buried in my drawing table working on issue #19. At the  last several conventions I’ve met quite a few fans of this series and, as I said on Twitter, I didn’t realize the following it had until I started working on it.

Now I can catch up on things that I’ve had to set aside to finish up the last issue..emails, commissions, personal projects, mowing my lawn before the homeowners association complains, and showering.

Here’s a few of my inks from Issue 18. (My favorite is the sprawling shot of the fallen Metrotitans.)



MTMTE_018_001 MTMTE_018_005 MTMTE_018_017 MTMTE_018_019MTMTE_018_007

Transformers: RID #15

rid15Transformers Robots in Disguise #15 came out last month. Issue 16 wraps up this story arc written by John Barber and penciled by Andrew Griffith. Andrew has been one of the most detailed TF artists I’ve inked and the end result looks great, especially with Josh Perez’s colors.

If you haven’t picked it up, get on it!

Here are a few inked pages from the issues. There’s some good Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot action between Devastator & Superion.


Transformers: RID #14

Transformers: RID #14 is out.  I’m busy wrapping up the inks for #16 this week, so not a lot of time for the chit-chat and shenanigans.

I’ll just leave you with one of my favorite double page spreads from the issue.– well, maybe the only double page spread. I can’t remember now–featuring Devastator!









 Click to enlarge the carnage.