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Stormy Storm Stormed Stormily.

Published on January 31, 2012, by in Uncategorized.

I bought a Raphael #2 Kolinsky from my studio mate, Rick, and it’s glorious. I hear the Windsor-Newton series 7 used to be the staple, but they changed the manufacturing process somewhere along the way.  I have one good one after probably going through eight duds.  The Raphael was great from the start.  


Storm and Dark Phoenix PSCs

Published on February 19, 2010, by in Commissions.

I draw live on uStream every Wednesday starting at 7:30pm ET.  Old shows are recorded so you can go back and watch the process.  I usually end up drawing sketch cards since 1) they’re the perfect size for a webcam and 2) I usually have commissions at that size to keep up with. On March


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