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SDCC Journal: Day 2

FRIDAY (I think. Is it Friday?)

I woke up with sore legs. Three months of no running makes Brian out of shape. Breakfast at the same place as yesterday where I was seated at a table in the neutral zone (i.e. where two serves thought the table belonged to the other.) so I sat there, invisible. Eventually I was waited on.

Full of eggs and ham I still felt horrible and had to lay down in the car for a nap. I say nap, but it was more like 30 to 40 minutes of non-existence. But it did the trick.

The con is way more spread out throughout downtown it seems. And, it seems that there are more people here than before. There’s just nowhere you can go where you’re not in a crowd.

Except the glorious Pro Lounge. Which took me 5 years to discover. I’m actually sitting IN A CHAIR! It’s like I’m rich…or a king…or at in a normal place.

I think the afternoon is going to consists of hanging around artist alley. Other than meeting someone for lunch, I don’t have anything major. None of the panels are appealing to me.

SDCC Journal: Preview Night and Day 1


I met up at Horton Plaza with Randy Green and Kelly Yates outside of The Great Khan Mongolian Grille. Given Randy’s fanaticism with the place (which may be justified, it’s good) it’s not surprising that I would run into them there. To kill time until badge pickup we went to see Spider-man, which reinforced my opinion that Tobey McGuire is the anti-spider-man.

After a very painless and quick trip through the pro badge pickup process (well done, SDCC) we made our way into the three hour Preview Night. SWEET MOSES IT WAS CROWDED. It was shoulder to shoulder with various lines for various con exclusives forming, twisting and winding on ad nauseum. It was too tightly pack to do anything but shuffle along like cattle and too stressful for me to enjoy anything. Fortunately, jet lag forced me to call it a night.


Up at 4am. My body’s on East Coast time. After driving in to San Diego I grabbed breakfast at The Broken Yoke, a diner that only took me 4 years of attending this show to find. I eventually ended up handing out post cards advertising my site and my art book to the attendees filing in to wait for the show to open. I handed out more than I thought I would (if you’re here as a result, I usually post art, except during cons. Hence all the photos.) I intended to put some on the freebie table, but apparently you can only do that if you’re an exhibitor. Which I’m not. Fail.

Spent the first half of the day attending panels which left me with the feeling that I need to work harder. In between them I stopped to say hi to Doug Tennapel and buy his latest book, CARDBOARD, which he says is his best. He’s also committed to drawing 400 pages this year and has done 200….which makes me feel like a slacker. If nothing else SDCC pushes me to quit wasting time,

My stomach thinks it 3:00 so I stopped at a pub for lunch. Once I rest my feet, I plunge back into the madness.

Deputy Witch Pencils and SDCC

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for SDCC once again. Last year I was able to get a table in Artist Alley, but this year didn’t make the cut. Which as best I can tell involves a blindfolded hobo pulling names out of a jar. The system used to determine who gets a table and who doesn’t is a strange to me as string theory and the fact that Alec Baldwin still has fans.

I’m trying to finish up my creator owned book, Deputy Witch, and I’m in the home stretch. Here’s a page of pencils, which are tighter than I usually do since a friend of mine asked to try and see what his inks looked like over me.  I’m trying to get a few done before I fly out next week.