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Ghost Rider PSC

A Ghost Rider commission.

This PSC at 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

The colors are mostly Prismacolor markers, though I think I used a few Copics.

For the highlights I used Pro White.

Our studio seems to really suck the moisture out of anything in the room.  Today was one of those rare days where the Pro White had evaporated just enough to flow from the brush perfectly.

Usually I end up having to wrestle it out and water it down while wishing I could have found FW white Acrylic that one day I bought supplies

Click for a larger view.

Storm and Dark Phoenix PSCs

I draw live on uStream every Wednesday starting at 7:30pm ET.  Old shows are recorded so you can go back and watch the process.  I usually end up drawing sketch cards since 1) they’re the perfect size for a webcam and 2) I usually have commissions at that size to keep up with.

On March 3rd at 9pm I’ll be doing a show on the Artcast Network screening room.

Here’s a couple of cards drawn on this past week’s show.  Click for a larger view.