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Daily Sketch: Doctor Who and Amy Pond

Daily Sketch for March 23, 2012 – Doctor Who and Amy Pond Are these just children playing, or were the Doctor and Amy transformed into kids?  I know the answer but I’m not telling. I was digging this style yesterday so I thought I’d explore it a bit.  I did a ink and watercolor sketch



Color Experiment: Han & Chewie

After a second cup of afternoon coffee to help me shake of my sleep deprivation,  I decided to experiment with coloring today’s warm-up sketch.   When coloring in Photoshop I always feel like I’m barely competent and just trying to keep from messing everything up.


Daily Sketch: James the Giant Tamer vs Robot Horde

Daily Sketch for Tuesday March 13, 2012 – James the Giant Tamer I may have gotten a little carried away with today’s sketch, but not being on a deadline at the moment means I have the time for such tomfoolery.     Subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed.  

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