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The B-Team: 4 Things Stingray can do that Spider-man can’t

So, you’re Stingray. Avengers not returning your calls? Fantastic Four not taking applications. Don’t worry! Here’s 4 things you can do that A-teamers like Spider-man can’t.

  1. Reasonably explain why you’re always wet.
  2. Avoid the attention of A-list villains.
  3. Have ample time for a social life and steady job that pays the bills.
  4. Did I say four? I meant three.



This is a Juggernaut commission that I colored in Photoshop before doing the markers on the original. I’m trying to work a little smarter and turn more commissions into prints. Sometimes prints are what can keep you afloat at a show that doesn’t have many buyers of original art.

I should have this one available for C2E2 in April.

Juggernaut Inks

In an effort to work smarter, I’m taking a little extra time on commissions so I can color up the inks and use them as prints. Which means a better end product for customers all around. Though I may sleep a little less. But sleep is overrated.

Here are the inks from a Juggernaut commission.

Juggernaut. When he's gotta go...he's really gotta go.

Spider-man vs Vulture Artist Proof

This is one (well, two) of my artist proofs from the Spider-man Archives set.  I finished this one up last night on my artcast.  I still have to go in with Pro White and do the highlights and whatnot, but figured I’d go ahead and post it anyway.  (click for a larger view)

Ghost Rider PSC

A Ghost Rider commission.

This PSC at 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

The colors are mostly Prismacolor markers, though I think I used a few Copics.

For the highlights I used Pro White.

Our studio seems to really suck the moisture out of anything in the room.  Today was one of those rare days where the Pro White had evaporated just enough to flow from the brush perfectly.

Usually I end up having to wrestle it out and water it down while wishing I could have found FW white Acrylic that one day I bought supplies

Click for a larger view.