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Daily sketch: more iPad doodles

Published on May 24, 2012, by in Sketches and Studies.

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary today by dropping the boy off at grandma’s and having a day to ourselves. Which means I finally got to see Avengers. I thought it was really good, but everyone online has already said that, so what more can I add? I’ve been drawing more sketches on my



Daily sketch: iPad doodles

Published on May 22, 2012, by in Sketches and Studies.

I just have a few iPad sketches for today. Done with an Acase stylus in Sketchbook Pro.


Daily Sketch: Tolkien

Published on May 14, 2012, by in Sketches and Studies.

For today’s daily sketch I give you a rough J. R. R. Tolkien.  I’ve been slack with my themed sketches.  I’ll return to them shortly.


Daily Sketch: Cultured trucker

Published on May 7, 2012, by in Sketches and Studies.

I did a few pages (inks) on Snake Eyes #14 this weekend. I had to finish them on Saturday, so I had to cancel my Free Comic Book Day plans. I sat down to do some work today, but some family stuff came up, and my foot has decided to remind me via my nervous


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Daily Sketch: quick gesture

Published on May 1, 2012, by in Sketches and Studies.

I haven’t felt 100% today. This is all I have in me for my daily sketch. Just a quick gesture drawing.


Daily sketch: face sketches on the iPad

I’m busy getting ready for C2E2, which is going slower thanks to my foot. Just have time for a quick iPad doodle today.


Daily Sketch: iPad experiment plus Transformers page

I’m taking a break this weekend in order to work in my yard, exercise, catch up on sleep, and hug my son. To tide you over here’s a mediocre iPad sketch, and then to make up for that the finished page from Transformers #29 I inked over Brendan Cahill with colors by Joanna Lafuente.

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