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Daily sketch: more iPad doodles

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary today by dropping the boy off at grandma’s and having a day to ourselves. Which means I finally got to see Avengers. I thought it was really good, but everyone online has already said that, so what more can I add?

I’ve been drawing more sketches on my iPad with Sketchbook Pro and experimenting with the different brushes. I’ll get to some more “real” drawing soon. This week has been busier than I anticipated.



Daily Sketch: Cultured trucker

I did a few pages (inks) on Snake Eyes #14 this weekend. I had to finish them on Saturday, so I had to cancel my Free Comic Book Day plans. I sat down to do some work today, but some family stuff came up, and my foot has decided to remind me via my nervous system that it is still broken.

Mondays are still Mondays even when you’re freelance.

Here’s an iPad doodle for today’s sketch.


Daily Sketch: iPad experiment plus Transformers page

I’m taking a break this weekend in order to work in my yard, exercise, catch up on sleep, and hug my son. To tide you over here’s a mediocre iPad sketch, and then to make up for that the finished page from Transformers #29 I inked over Brendan Cahill with colors by Joanna Lafuente.