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GI Joe RAH 196 Artist Edition Cover

This month was Artist Edition month at IDW and I was asked to do a cover over Larry Hama’s pencils.  For this one I had to make it look like aged cover art. It was a fun job, and I even got to do a little hand lettering (the “yo joe!” and “Trouble in Sierra Gordo”. And well, technically the note to colorist on the side is my handwriting too, so I guess that counts as well.) Although the coffee stains were added in Photoshop, I did actually make a scan of a coffee ring on a piece of paper to use.

Here’s the sketch I got from Larry followed by the end result and how it looks in print.



GI Joe: Special Missions Covers

Several GI Joe: Special Missions covers with my inks have been previewed out on the web, so I guess it’s safe to post them now.  The Special Missions covers are always fun since they’re usually over the top situations. I mean look at Destro driving a giant mechanical Destro Head. What’s not to like? And the crazy-eyed, chainsaw-weilding, bearded lady? Good times. Shannon Gallant does a great job with penciling these.


gijoe_circus gijoespecial8 spclmissbeach

GI Joe RAH #173 Inks

I have pages available for sale from IDW’s GI Joe RAH #173.

Pencils by Ron Wagner (except for pages 16-19, which are Shannon Gallant.)  Inks by me.  Contact me if you are interested. Prices Vary. kingbanjo at gmail dot com.

(Sorry for the funky arrangement of the images.  My WordPress gallery is acting weird.  Click to enlarge.)

Prices range from $50 to $75.  The whole batch is $900.  Contact me for specific page prices.


G.I. Joe Baroness Commission – Color

To warm up today I finished coloring the Baroness drawing I did last week. For those who care, I used Copic markers on the skintones and Prismacolors on everything else. Highlights were done with Pro White.

Unfortunately, the colors on this scan seem a little desaturated. When I get home I’ll have to re-scan it.