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Sketch Dump Friday – May 18 2012

The Uni-ball Signo 207 is a nice sketching pen.  The ink is dark gives thick bold strokes.  You have to commit to every line, which means that a better sketch is one where every one is formed in your mind before it comes out of your fingers.  I’m too guilty of shaping the lines as I go, seeing what my scribbles suggest rather than thinking things through beforehand.  Even if it’s only a microsecond before.

Whatever I’ve been watching or working on recently has a way of sneaking in.  This week I’m working on a Tolkien Painting, just finished one of G.K. Chesterton, watching the first season of Dogfights, and had to draw a crowd of protestors on a comic page.

Click an image for enlargementationship.

Daily Sketch: Head Doodles

Today all I have to offer is this pile of heads.  Does this qualify as a sketch?  Or is it more of a doodle?  If I label it a “study” does is suddenly have more worth?  These questions have left me needing a cup of coffee.  Having to change a diaper at 3am (my son’s not mine, I’ve been fully potty trained for more than three years) has also contributed to this current need, masking itself as a want.

I also type pretty fast, so now I have less energy than when I started the above paragraph.

head studies

Daily Sketch: Steampunk Girl Rough Pencils

Today’s sketch got a little away from me.  The longer I scribbled the more I realized I wanted try a different coloring technique with this.  So I’ll post it as a work in progress as I go.

Provided I don’t screw it up somewhere along the way.  That’s always entirely possible.

Daily Sketch: Steampunk Girl

Daily Sketch: James the Giant Tamer vs Robot Horde

Daily Sketch for Tuesday March 13, 2012 – James the Giant Tamer

I may have gotten a little carried away with today’s sketch, but not being on a deadline at the moment means I have the time for such tomfoolery.

Daily Sketch: Giant Tamer vs Robots



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Daily Sketch: Lightning McQueen (Cars)

Daily Sketch for Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 – Lightning McQueen from Pixar’s Cars.

Cars have always been hard for me to draw.  I have to have lots of reference and it takes a lot of brain power for me to be able to pull one off.  So naturally I started this sketch three times before finally figuring out something that was even close to decent.

In order to even get this close I played a trick on myself.  The first couple of times I approached Lightning McQueen like I would a real car.  Here’s the body, the wheels, the windshield and so on, and each time it looked like a failed attempt at a car, and not like a failed attempt at McQueen.  It just didn’t have that cartoony, fun personality that the character has.  So I thought of him instead as a character and not a car.  Here’s his head, this would be his nose/mouth, etc.

And that time I came up with what you see here.  A recognizable attempt at Lightning McQueen.  And I only had to fool myself to pull it off.

Daily Sketch: Lightning McQueen from Pixar's Cars