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Commission Roundup & C2E2 Pre-orders

I managed to squeeze in a few commissions in-between deadlines. I’m also going to go ahead a start taking commission pre-orders for C2E2 which is barely a month away. I haven’t done a show since the fall, so I’m itching to start my convention season.

Also, while my brother scanner does excellent for scanning in inks, it’s miserable when it comes to color. Even after tweaking the images in Photoshop they’re not really that close to the detail of the original. Oh well.


This is a Juggernaut commission that I colored in Photoshop before doing the markers on the original. I’m trying to work a little smarter and turn more commissions into prints. Sometimes prints are what can keep you afloat at a show that doesn’t have many buyers of original art.

I should have this one available for C2E2 in April.

Juggernaut Inks

In an effort to work smarter, I’m taking a little extra time on commissions so I can color up the inks and use them as prints. Which means a better end product for customers all around. Though I may sleep a little less. But sleep is overrated.

Here are the inks from a Juggernaut commission.

Juggernaut. When he's gotta go...he's really gotta go.

Optimus Prime

I keep hoping for snow, which may be strange to you northerners, but down here in the South snow is always an event. But it looks like we’re in for near 70 degree temps instead.  I suppose I don’t need any distractions to pull me away from work, so it’s just as well.

I’m catching up on commissions (one to go, I think) and diving back in to inking the next issue of Transformers.  Here’s Optimus Prime (G1, of course)…back to work for me!


Commissions, Christmas, and Coming Up For Air

This is me coming up for air!

December found me at the drawing table, head down, working feverishly to meet a deadline, and decided to drop Christmas in the mix just for giggles.  With the exception of family, everything else in my life got put on the back burner and then the burner got switched off.

Now that I’ve had a day or so to clear my head and rest it’s time to get things back in order. Let’s start with where I left off: The end products of my Christmas Commission sale! (Minus one that I still have to do.)


Twitter 1000th Follower Giveaway

I did a Twitter giveaway for the first person to send me a screenshot of my follower number at 1000. I hit that mark a couple weeks ago and the winner was Mayhem Comics, who requested a Doctor Who piece.

Incidentally, I’ll offer another giveaway when I hit 1500.  Less than 400 to go!

Back from Heroescon & TMNT commission

I’ve finally recovered from my lack of sleep at Heroescon.  I enjoyed talked with all of you who stopped by.  We’ll return to the daily sketches shortly (i.e. after I catch up on all my work.)  In the meantime, here’s a TMNT sketch cover I did at the show.

Megacon sketches

I got in around 3:30am Monday morning and collapsed into a pile of exhaustion.  Megacon was busy as usual, especially on Saturday, when all the costumed guests descended on the convention.  I don’t know of any show outside of Dragon*con that has as many costumed attendees.

I sat around Saturday sketching, only walking around once to find that the aisles were packed shoulder to shoulder. So I made one loop through the con and then back to the table.   Here are a couple of sketches from the show. (Only one person passing by identified the first one. )

Sketch Cards for sale

I have a few sketch cards for sale on my store page.  Frankenstein here is $20 and I have a couple more for $10.  I’ll be adding a few more in the next couple of days.

I also have artist proof cards for the Spider-man Archives series and the Zombie vs Cheerleaders set.  Prices vary, contact me for more info.

I’m also open for commissions.

Full color sketch cards are $20 for one character.

For other sizes feel free to contact me.

And remember, those of you in the Richmond VA area, that the Virginia Comicon is this Sunday.

Stop by and say hello.