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Warm-up Sketch: Uni-Welder

I bought some art supplies this week including new white acrylic ink for highlights. I also used up the last piece of art board on my pad, so I used the back. A felicitous convergence of two events on a week saturated with politics.

Daily Sketch: James the Giant Tamer vs Robot Horde

Daily Sketch for Tuesday March 13, 2012 – James the Giant Tamer

I may have gotten a little carried away with today’s sketch, but not being on a deadline at the moment means I have the time for such tomfoolery.

Daily Sketch: Giant Tamer vs Robots



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Daily Sketch: Magic Beggar Man

If this guy asks you for change, I’d go ahead and give it to him.  He won’t spend it on booze, he just wants to go to the Waffle House.

Besides if you don’t he’ll melt your face with his magic stick.

Daily Sketch: Magic Beggar Character design

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GravyBoy and Company

My first creator-owned book was a little thing called GravyBoy.  It’s the book that put me on the other side of the table at conventions.  Writer Marty Blevins and I did the convention rounds lugging four issues of the series around from show to show.  Eventually we attempted to self-publish through Diamond and another distributor.  Not only was it an expensive experiment it also taught me that self-publishing is not for the faint of heart.

Every once in a while someone at a show will ask me about it.  Maybe I’ll revisit the character one day.  Back when I drew GravyBoy I was a different artist (as in, I was horrible) and today I thought I’d see what he looks like when I draw him now.  Apparently he looks like this:

GravyBoy and Company

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Daily Sketch + 5 Tips for Maintaining Henchmen

So you want to start up your own squad of Henchmen?  New to the super villain game?  Here’s 5 tips for maintaining henchmen:

1) Find someone who has street smarts, but isn’t too intelligent.

2) Give him a standard uniform that’s not too cool and covers his face, thus removing his individuality on the job.

3) Have a way to stop him if he goes rogue (e.g. an exploding helmet)

4) Pay him well, give him lots of vacation time and great health care.  Make him think he’s got it made. Then send him to fight Batman.

5) Replace as needed.

Daily Sketch: Henchman with a machine gun arm


Character Design: Expendable Future Soldier

A few thousand of these guys and you’d be in business.  That is, if your business required night vision goggles and shooting people.  If that’s the route you go, I hope your business isn’t selling hot dogs.   That seems a little extreme.

But I’m not a much of a businessman, so what do I know.

Character Design: Future Soldier