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Daily Sketch: Big Handed Space Girl

Daily Sketch for March 21, 2012 – Space Girl.

Given what I feel has been a lackluster start to the week with that fairy girl fiasco,  I thought I’d spend a little more time on today’s sketch.  Her gloves are for punching asteroids.

I just made that up.  They’re actually for high five-ing giant space babies.

daily sketch: space girl

Daily Sketch: Pilot Girl with Guns

Daily Sketch for Monday March 19 2012

This weekend I took some time to work in the yard, getting my garden ready to plant vegetables, napped, and tried to give my brain a rest.  As the week gets underway here’s my warm up sketch as I try to get my mind back in drawing mode.

Pentel Pocket Brush, Copic/Prismacolor Markers, Pentel Correction Pen on Canson paper.

Daily Sketch: Pilot Girl with Guns


Daily Sketch: Spanish Fencer

I don’t really know that this is really a Spanish outfit, but it feels like one to me.  I’ve always thought I’d like to learn how to fence.  I did Tae Kwon Do for several years and tore my MCL doing a spinning kick.  Later I found out if you’re double-jointed (which really means your ligaments are longer than normal, so I’m told) you shouldn’t do Tae Kwon Do. Knowing is half the battle.  The other half is physical therapy.

This sketch was done on Canson paper with a Pentel Pocket Brush pen and a Pentel Correction Pen.  The colors are Copic and Prismacolor markers.   Doing markers on Canson is a little tricky if you’re not used to it, but you can get some interesting results.  The shadows on the light part of her skirt is Jade Green, which really did little more than just make the paper darker, not green.

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Daily Sketch: Magic Beggar Man

If this guy asks you for change, I’d go ahead and give it to him.  He won’t spend it on booze, he just wants to go to the Waffle House.

Besides if you don’t he’ll melt your face with his magic stick.

Daily Sketch: Magic Beggar Character design

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Daily Sketch: Canson Girl Portrait

I was going to post a spectacular watercolor sketch this morning, but I quickly realized that it was turning out to be so completely horrible that it would be an offense to the human race to post it.  Instead I went back to something easy (after wasting 45 minutes to an hour) and did a sketch of some random girl on Canson paper.

Happy Friday.

girl sketch canson

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